Week 10 Peer Critique

Kan – Kan had a nicely stylized interactive infographic about Genghis Khan. We suggested he look at his choices in font and select a more legible font. His projected needed some more fleshing out but he really did have a masculine style for this which I though was appropriate. It was also mentioned that his header did need a little help standing out.

Jessica – Jessica was rebranding the wayfinding signage for the Seattle Center. She wanted to stick to the logo and use its circular vibes and tie it into the signage. We asked about the size signage in relation to the average person as well.

Elizabeth – Elizabeth had a really nice piece to show the group. She took her snarky infographic and modified it to fit the Starbucks brand. It worked really well and only had a few alignment issues to fix. Some of the small body text needed a less stylized font to be easier to visually digest.

Adrian x Dominic – The group said we needed to solidify our icon system and make sure that they were recognizable. This is especially important because this destination is also a tourist attraction. Our signage also needs to really be placed at strategic points to be as clear as possible.



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