Project 3 Proposals


Project 3

One of the following:

  • Physical Infographic
  • Data Visualization
  • Wayfinding / Integrated Marketing Solution



30 Americans     Tacoma Art Museum

Highlights the work of 31 African American artists and their contributions to the art culture. Issues of race, sexuality, and identity are tackled through their controversial art.

Emancipating the Past      Bellevue Art Museum

Showcases Kara Walker’s Tales of Slavery and Power through stunning sculptures, prints and installations. The pieces tell a story of the struggle of African-American people in America and the complexities around slavery.

Park Wayfinding     Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the largest in Seattle with over 500 acres of park to roam through. With wonderful views around the park and an iconic lighthouse photo destination, the park could use a new system to find your way around this beautiful park.

Other ideas

  • SAM Wayfinding
  • Pike Place Wayfinding
  • Carkeek Park
  • Matthews Beach Park
  • King of the Road Interactive Map (Thrasher)

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