Unit 6 Reading

Chapter 3 (continued)

Usability was broken down in the back half of chapter three. Quite a lot of testing can happen between the initial concept and the final project. It sounds like a lot work, and i can be, but it can find problems that can be headache fixing down the road. The reading pointed out another really important thing to remember when design for someone. It is to remember that you are designing for someone else, not yourself. Design is for the people! It is really overwhelming when you look at all of then things you use and how it is designed in a way that doesn’t make you think about the way it was designed. Most of the time when you question the design of something it is because it doesn’t work the way you expected it to. Design just feels right.

The case study involving the memorial for 9/11 didn’t quite talk about testing but talked about the interaction of the memorial and telling the story of what happened that day. Things were just collected (a.k.a. – research the key to life) and then dissected to find the best way to tell the story of what happened that day. Capturing the impact of that terribly emotional event and putting into a memorial effectively required the help of designers, architects, audio visual experts and plenty others. Its a reminder that design doesn’t just include pretty pictures and words.

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