Project 2 Project Statement

Client: ESPN

Subject: ESPN seeks to present statistical information about the top eight finalists for the Calder Memorial Trophy (rookie of the year) this year. With the final say left up to a panel of judges, statistics play a heavy role in providing concrete evidence of a players “impact” on a team. (See edit)

Main Article

EDIT: New Article

Instead of comparing 8 finalists (one which was a goalie and comparing a goalie and 7 offensive players would be like apples to bananas), there is a more recent article that is quite short and falls a little flat as far as impact and would benefit from some data visualization to compare the top three finalists. It will take a look at the comparable game stats like goals, assists and minutes played as well as the metrics behind how they influenced the win column.

The infographic will target a hockey / sports savvy audience.

Tone: Neutral Background, lets colors of each finalist’s team represent the player.


top 3

Conner McDavid

Shayne Gostisbehere

Artemi Panarin


Jack Eichel

Dylan Larkin

John Gibson

Max Domi

Jacob Slavin


The collage of images above show pretty interesting layouts and executions of using icons and charts that showcase numerical data. The idea of using the hockey stick to show fights doesn’t really make total sense to me, but I do like the idea of using it to represent assists or shots. I can see the circular bar graph is being used at least twice here so if I choose to use one I need to make it a little more interesting and distinct.

MJ – Kobe – Lebron

ESPN Stephen Curry Example

 Sketches / Process



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