Unit 5 Response

The process.

Diving headfirst into a project is one of the best way to get started, but it could be disastrous if you didn’t bring your floaties.  The planning process is just as important as the end result, so why skip it? Providing yourself (or your team) with a map of what has to get done is crucial to the success or failure of the project. Chapter three rehashed a lot of the fundamentals of the planning process that keeps a project on track and easier to understand. but the examples were very helpful. Think in broad strokes. Get the paint on the canvas! What I mean is, get down the basic plan, the layout of the project, and refine when necessary. For school projects, all of this may seem like a lot to do in a short amount of time, but you can modify the process to fit your time restraints. Maybe you don’t have the time to flesh out a digitized map of the whole project, but you could (and should) write it down in some form in your sketchbook. I instantly thought of the comment “having all of your players on the field” Mr. Smansfield used in reference to our last infographic project. The planning process assembles all of the players and you have to put them in position to win the game. I see the players as the parts that make up the final product and each one is essential to its completion. Imagine if you needed your kicker on the field and he was no where to be found. Now imagine you a presenting a project to a client and you forget the mock up of the project. It could win or lose you work. The planning process is not only a useful guide to the project but can prevent an embarrassing moment during a presentation to your client.


Importance of user testing



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