Unit 4 Reading

“This Chart Is a Lonely Hunter: The Narrative Eros of the Infographic”

This response is to the article mentioned above.

The power of the infographic

Successful infographics complete the tough task of condensing complex information and presenting them in a way that holds just as much visual impact as the information itself. It isn’t just about making a visually pretty graphic, it has to have that “ah-ha!” moment that leaves an impression on a consumer. For the shift in political stance infographic, it did an excellent job of combining color, information and content to “show, not tell”.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

This kind of power to influence and inform shouldn’t be mistreated or taken for granted but that’s like saying people shouldn’t speed. Its going to happen, you just have to do your best when its up to you to show the world how good of a designer you are through an infographic. Information that people will base views and make decisions off of need to be accurate not only for content sake, but for what that information does to a person when they consume it. I personally dislike the use of memes in politics for two reasons 1) it doesn’t tell the whole story 2) outlandish / false / misleading information is used. Think about the snowball effect it could have, people will believe a lot of what is on the internet if it popular enough….


As a side note, id like to point out that Egyptians and other ancient civilizations have used pictures to convey information and its funny to think about how pictures are used. As a child you are taught the most basic things with pictures and words, but then you grow to be “sophisticated” so you don’t need any silly picture books, no matter how effective those were at accomplishing their intended job. Now, digesting information through pictures and words is making a comeback, saying, “We never stopped being good at conveying information!!!!” Just a thought.



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