Week 4 Prelim Crit Notes

Elephant infographic

The above link takes you to the goods in question.


Verbiage – Could take away / add clarification to some of the body used

Color – the color the infographic projected on the screen gave it earthier tones and was a happy mistake. Toning down some of the saturation may bring the overall visual tone down from an 11 to an 8.

Information – Some of the info (height, weight) can be represented visually better that the current method. Relating the height to shoulder height and crating a scale that shows an item hat weighs similar to an elephant.

Specific – the baby elephant reads first when it comes to the physical data of the elephant. It needs to be reorganized to read what it has to first.

Layout – add a mood board, add icon process, add other sketches done to the layout as well, tighten up audience and explanation client.



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