Unit 3 Reading

Chapter 2 (The Creative Brief)

Almost every project I have turned in has a creative brief with it. The brief is the backbone, the structure to the project. No matter how many times I make one I feel like I learn something every time. It is where you look when you get asked questions about your design and the thought behind it. Along with the designer knowing what direction to take the project, the individuals above them also know what is going on and eliminates the possibility of it being shot down a week before launch date. It also brings this questioning attitude to each project that may seem frustrating, but really is done with the purpose of creating a bullet proof plan. Graphic Design Club shared its idea for a mural (that I was part of) to the new members of the club this quarter, and one question brought it down. Just one. I was backed up and defensive at first but I realized how flimsy the concept was. A creative brief would have been the most useful thing for this mural. Safe to say, lesson learned.

White Rhino (really cool name) likes to tell the story. Their infographics are graphic heavy and really make the information visual.

the devil’s in the details

The last portion of the case study had some real gems of information in there. Details really make a piece fancy. They mentioned that the color palate they used made the information easier to digest. I’m using this approach to my infographic and finding it is not as easy as they make it. Along with the color, the paring of typefaces and sizes and weights all becomes its own process in itself to make the whole project seem one.

NHL Numbers

Snoqualmie Snowfall

Rainforest Data


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