Week 3 Peer Critique

Buddy: Kendal

Feedback: (his for me) The type and layout need more work. There wasn’t any real change in size relation and that could really bring attention to what is important. Kendal suggested the site Type Wolf, a site that searches for the use of font pairings “in the wild”. Kendal was not a fan of the background but did like the color palate option i chose to go through.

Feedback: (me for him) Kendal had a really nice project ready for us to look at. He made an isometric view of a fender guitar for the 70th anniversary. I suggested he take a little more liberty with the treatment of the “70 years”, it being the 70 year anniversary. His view seemed a little too tight so I suggested he play with the spacing between items. His illustration was executed very well so I also wanted to see him blow up the guitar a little more.


Buddy: Jaime

Feedback: (hers for me) Jaime showed me a really nice example of how she brought attention to the most meaningful words in a sample of text. She suggested that the yellow background was not working and that I could populate the space without making it seem cramped.

Feedback: (Me for her) Jaime had a really interesting client, Passionate Nutrition. Her infographic broke down how fats went thorough the body and I think that she had a good amount of groundwork done. I really liked her treatment of some the information she had, it felt like it was supposed to be that way without trying hard. Her ribbons in the background could give entry to the title with a gradient that fades to the background color of the whole graphic.

Overall I think the biggest take away from this is size relation, especially when trying to bring attention to certain items over others. I read a piece on finding the perfect coffee table for your living room and I think it draws a lot of parallels when considering the functionality of  an element in a given space. Does it do the job? Does it communicate what you want it to?



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