Unit 2 Reading

Chapter 2

I think the research behind the target audience is something that i personally need to think about more when designing anything. That really is what determines the success or failure of the project. I like how the book covered both this and the importance of researching the flow of information and hierarchy. I eventually stumbled into a list I created for the flow of information I wanted for the physical inforgraphic I am in the process of creating for SOS Elephants.  Be prepared and well researched on the company background and problem at hand makes it easier to tackle the bumps and potholes that will come up along the way. I really appreciated the questioning attitude that was taught in this part of the chapter. Some of my earlier projects were derailed by one question, just one. The details that come from every question can help build a smooth, cohesive, and professional product

Case Study

Asking questions comes up so much in this case study and it reminds me of when i went through the nuclear pipeline when i was in the navy. It was a two year school process that made you a mini expert on the Navy’s way of nuclear fission. The common phrase was “getting fed information with a fire-hose”. The practical learning part of my schooling was the best way I think I ever learned. Robert, a good friend of mine, and I went an asked as many questions as possible to qualify and get through as fast as possible. We didn’t always look the smartest but when we finished before everyone else, we knew it was worth it. The quote highlighted said basically that you had the right to question something you don’t understand and that it was Funnel Inc. does with every project and how my friend and I approached our “project”. Uhh, knowledge is power anybody? Funnel Inc.’s image is founded off of their curiosity to understand the most complex information and make it digestible to the average person.

Excellent Example – This example of an infographic breaks down the different dining customs across the world and separates the information in a very appealing way. The structure of the physical inforgraphic is similar to the approach I am using for my SOS Elephant Infographic.


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