Peer Critique Week 2

Lex – Just joined class today. Was very interested in the isometric display, i showed her the Nokia Lumina 1024 infographic. After talking more about narrowing down clients, she proposed an architectural style infographic.

Mike – Explored the idea of making a migratory infographic that documents the four different kinds of hummingbirds and their separate patterns. He looked at maps similar to this needed a little more direction with the style.

Kendal – Decided to highlight the Fender Guitar in its 70th anniversary, poster style. He had an idea to adding some famous artists that used Fender, but I suggested that he could really split that into another infographic seperatley .

Joungil -Selected Jinro as his client. They are the largest manufacturer of Soju, the most popular drink in Korea. His idea was to highlight its versatility in an infographic and provide a little history for it. His inspiration really narrowed down his direction as well.

Personal Feedback – Scott added a very important tidbit of words that helped give the infographic real purpose. Steering the user in a direction that leads down to a “call to action” that would give it some real beef.



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