Week 1 Reading Assignment

Information Design Workbook

It is always delightful to read a book and be reminded of the practicality to design around you, even the book I read (which didn’t fit my screen and was frustrating). The breakdown of specialties is not new, but it was interesting to see all of the classifications and a legitimate definition after them. The design of information has always been word and picture based when it comes to learning when you are a child. These conventions have always worked and I like to think of technical infographics as more of an adult picture book. Tumas’ process of breaking down of a technical document into a helpful infographic about additions to a furnace was insightful. His interaction with the experts on the furnace reminded me of when I taught people about fluid systems for a steam plant. Because I was an expert on diagrams and schematics, I was able to simplify the information to the essentials and feed that to the audience so it was easy to digest and retain. Back then I didn’t even think anything of it, but now it looks like it was a mini crash course in infographics.


This cutaway link shows varying levels of technicality of a cut infographic of an LHD, a type of ship used in naval fleets. Knowing how many components go into the construction of a ship, the simplification of information was well executed.


This view of the brain is more playful than scientific, but it uses colors to direct the user to information linked the parts of the brain to the name, a convention that i think works extremely well.

isometric infographic The actual article

I always like the Nokia 1020 for its awesome phone feature, but this infographic makes it really really REALLY cool  to learn about 41 of its coolest features. It has a isometric design that is semi exploded as well, with really cool little illustrations of people inside the phone.

image mapping.

This is a really cool example of an animated map that shows wind patterns across the United States. Check it out!!

Physical Infographic.

Jose Duarte has quite an assembly of his 3-d infographics on his flicker page. Interactivity is awesome!


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