Week 9 BFA website feedback

Van Winkle, Ian ianvanwinkle.com  vanwinklestudio.com

Both sites look very polished. The picture quality is outstanding, although i wish there was just a few sentences to describe the project. The navigation is pretty standard, but i feel is a point size or two too small. The resume page looks good too, but again, i feel the type is point size too small. I found the information about the projects eventually, but i feel if i clicked on the image on the landing page it should’ve taken me there instead of to the next picture.

Tantri, Martin martintantri.com

Martin’s website has a few things that stick out. The stretched font over the project icons really looks unprofessional and should be remedied immediately. The body on the project description pages also doesn’t seem to fit well. The leading may make it look less heavy against all of that white underneath of it. The responsiveness works very well for the website though.

Dickey, Jacob dickeysdesign.net

Jake’s website is very nicely done. It has all of the practical conventions  would look for in a website, standard menu that shows the essentials, logo in the top left corner, and the cropped image that provokes a little interest for the project.I do wish that the home logo was a little bit bigger, the detail of the J gets lost. As well as readability, everything seemed to fit right in a i had no struggle getting the necessary information. The repetitiveness of the W.I.P. section at the footer was a little off putting, not a lot though, but if I had to complain, that would be it.

Macpherson, Gavin gavinmacpherson.com

This site is a lot to take in with how much content it provides on the initial page. That being said, it is all placed pretty well, with nothing seeming too squished. I’m not a huge fan of the eggshell gray and purple color. I just don’t find it particularly appealing. I like the carousel that show projects in the beginning. I’m more likely to look through that first, which is the point of it.

Quail, Chad chadquail.com

This site was very pleasant to go through . All of the pictures for each project displayed very nice and were the focal point for each project page. The mechanism used to display projects on the landing page was very interesting was well. I liked the way the color came into the black and white photos as you hovered over them.  The footer extended as far as your went which i didn’t particularly like, but was not a major detractor to the site. The site was not responsive either.

Callahan, Jacquelyn jacqiethedesigner.us

This site was pretty standard as far as portfolios go. There wasn’t anything  particularly that stood out as cool or designer-y either. That could be what the site was going for though, to let the work speak for itself. However, several of the buttons do not link to the projects. Only two work. I don’t like the black box behind the logo either. I think it would look good hanging off of the navigation bar.Other that that, it is a good portfolio.

Bargreen, Chandler chandlerbargreen.com

I got the pleasure of seeing this a few days earlier. The website landing page is super interesting and I instantly love it. The project layout is really nice and it doesn’t hurt that the projects look very thoroughly thought out and well designed. This is one of my favorite sites out of all of them. It would be nice if the home logo took you back to the portfolio website.

Pfeiffer, Amanda apfeiffercreative.com

Amanda’s portfolio has one link that works to a project. The type on the project display page stands out as well, which isn’t good. The links to to Photography, Resume, and Contact don’t work so there isn’t much to look at.

 Vinson, Gregory gregvinson.net

I like Gregory’s site for the one page layout. The fonts and sizing all fit well together and makes for a really interesting site. I really wish that there were some actual projects in here. I think that they would be highlighted beautifully with the way this site presents its projects.


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