Unit 9 Reading Response

Designing for iOS

The starters guide to interface designs starts off with some of the same things I have been hearing throughout school like understanding your medium, starting off with sketches for screens and interfaces, and getting people to look at and test your design.  Then the article gets into specifics of designing the interface. Consider aspects of the interactive elements and how users will interact with them. Touchable size, visible size and space relation to other elements on the screen are important things to think about when trying to fit everything in your screen. Hierarchy typography also play important roles in your app.

Top – 10 App Design Mistakes

the ten

  1.  Don’t begin wire-frames without a flow map
  2.  Don’t disregard the development budget
  3.  Don’t start with low resolution pictures
  4.  Don’t under-size hit area
  5.  Don’t overuse intro animations
  6.  Don’t leave users hanging
  7.  Don’t blindly copy
  8.  Don’t over-stuff screens
  9.  Don’t assume what users will do
  10.  Don’t forget or abuse gestures

With technologies to design and prototype apps readily available to the average user, its important to think about how it would actually look in a fluid motion. One of my previous projects produced a small clip of a user going through the website created in AfterEffects. What does this mean to you regarding this article? As much a prototyping can do for you, it can help with at least half of these design don’ts. Creating small animations using .png files and blur can create a sense of motion and fun you envision in your app. Things like wait screens, interactivity, and show motion in the app fluidly. Some of the fundamentals are also stated here which doesn’t hurt. I like reading these principals over and over in articles, it helps reinforce the idea and the rules will always update and change.

AE Tutorial

30 Pro tips

Awwwards Mobile Web design Inspiration


LucidChart tips

Andriod Icon Guidelines


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