Unit 8 Reading Response

Tale of a Top-10 App

Wow. This smashing magazine article was one of the most insightful articles i’ve read to date about app design. Jeremy Olson essentially chronicled his journey designing, building and marketing and app called Languages, an offline translator. Telling people about your struggles during life is pretty difficult knowing that someone else can and will tell you where you went wrong. The same is true with design, when you put your material out there to be viewed, people will have their opinion that wont exactly sit well with you after you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. But this is something you have to accept to grow. The Tale of a Top-10 App illustrates the problems and successes throughout the whole process, from initial conception to the marketing. The part two of the article went deep into the marketing behind the application, and this is something not a lot of students think about when designing apps. Making an app is becoming increasingly easier, but how do you get it to stick out among all of the apps out there, 1.6 million to give a rough statistical based estimate. (stats). Personal marketing, rather than hiring a PR firm, establishes long term friendly connections with blogs and magazines that will benefit in the long run. Jeremy also writes specifically about this process in his article, opening you up to his story of success and determination to beat angry birds.

25 Creative Tips for Marketing


6 Tips to a better Icon


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