Unit 6 Reading Response

Designing for phones!!

The reading this week was split into two articles based on the choice of phone i picked for the design of a new utilitarian app. I read both because i did not think reading both would take up that much time or be a waste of it. Turns out, it was. Not really though. Both articles made rather intriguing points when designing apps.


Android apps try to follow three basic principles: “Enchant me”, “simplify my life”, and “make me amazing”. These guidelines direct the designer to make things easy to digest and figure out while providing the “wow” factor most companies look for. It all really boiled down to applying a sort of customer service mindset to your design. The customer is always right is a saying used a lot in retail and can be downright frustrating at times. Ultimately though, these potential users can line your pockets or the company’s (which is good for you too), so its important that that statement carries out through the app design.

iOS umpty-squat

Apple also has three guidelines for app design for iOS: deference, clarity and depth. Short sweet and pretty understandable. Content trumps design, make it easy for the user to understand things and read them well, and show a little depth with layers and so on. The article goes into more detail than that, but adherence to just these basic principles may put you on the right track to app design success!

40 Beautiful App Designs

designing for a maturing android

how to build app tutorials

the above link is more of a list of tutorials and some really go into great detail on how to build an app for an android phone. this would be something to explore after the design process is complete.


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