Project 2 Classchum Feedback

Girl at War

Sara Novic

Emma Cook,  Christine Huston,  Zenoc Hernandez

Target Demographic women 18-35

This is a historical fiction book is about a girls coming of age during the Croatian War, so the target audience makes sense to me. I liked the idea of following the illustration on the cover and keeping the moon as a central theme. I suggested for some of their screens where they deviated from the moon in the center to shrink the images to fit that standard size to keep everything more consistent. As far as a mood board, they went with using the same fonts or as close as possible to them and the two main colors on the color of the book.

Our Feedback

A major hit on our project was not having a target audience. For poems of this specific kind (Japanese literature) i would say its any poem enthusiast that uses the web. That age range could be anywhere from 17 – 35. So i think we should go with males and females around the age of 17 – 35 who read poems on a regular basis that use the web. The other feedback was about the mood-board and style of continuous scrolling and was largely positive.


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