Project 2: Book Promotion


Project Statement: The goal of this website is to inform the user of The Iceland with an interesting and intriguing website that captivates the users attention with an ease of use and beautiful design.

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Book Promotion Research

One Damn Thing After Another

I couldn’t help but put this up there. It really was one of the more simple designs for a book promotion website that I came across. Parallax was used but was not over done and the text was reminiscent of book type. That part is important to note because it speaks directly to the audience going to this website, book readers. It was broken up into three sections: a landing page with a graphic and the title, a synopsis with the authors picture, and links to buy the book in various choices. Really nicely done.

Far from The Tree

Far from The Tree begins with a small intro and a prompt to tell you how to explore the site. There is a conventional drop down menu at the top for navigation if you get tired of explore the site through the picture collage used to illustrate the stories told in the book. I think design excel at creating intrigue and a feeling of wow with the subject matter. The site gives the user an in-depth look at what each chapter holds, a lot more that other sites. The way the information pops up on the screen is pretty nice, it sort of pops up from the bottom of the page.

What not to do (imo)

This is what i do not want to do for anybody.  The Power of Surrender, like many other One Design website promotions, looks like a template, and a bad one at that. With tennis match text and dated design that looks like a seen on t.v. ad, i think it does the book a disservice. Everything is on a continuous scroll so there isn’t a navigation. Everything kind of looks the same and none of the titles invite you to read them or provide much clarification to about what you are about to read, or what you want out of the site. Not going to do this.


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