Unit 5 Reading Response

Chapters 8 and 9

The way these two chapters are laid out, it seems seems like they were meant to be in the same chapter. I had to catch up on my old people movies to get this reference to “the farmer and the cowman” but the chapter basically led right into testing. Steve started off with a situation about a preference, whether to use pull-down menus or not. There was a bout a two week time lapse with no solution ever made up and the deadline quickly upon them. Everybody from the CEO down may have a say in what the website should look like and that can turn out to be a big pile of doo doo. Sticking to style guides and general themes can help some of these quarrels as long as there is justification and a reason behind it. Another helpful tool presented by Steve is the use of usability testing. For a simple cup of coffee or a 5 to 10 dollar gift card you can have someone look at the site you have designed and test out how easy or not it is to use. It should happen early and often, similar to the way input from peers is helpful with projects done at school. The early you have someone critique your work the better. It may not be the most pleasant experience for you but it will get easier. This will help catch little things along the way that are fixable in a one month time span. After that, have another test, about 3 people, and then get back to fixing whats wrong with it. This is solid evidence of how people mosey and muddle through website until they find what they want.

Its not expensive

UX Myths

User Experience Awards 2014


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