Unit 4 Reading Response

Chapter 7

Steven, Steven, Steven … how could i not see it? Chapter seven is titled “The Big Bang Theory of Web Design” and rightly so. Where does it all start? How do you end up checking your phone for something and then put it back in your pocket not ever finding what you were looking for? Or even those nights lost surfing the web, ending up watching a YouTube video of some guy eating deodorant. Every webpage has a “Home” or “landing” page, and this is where you, the user, get most of the information. You can easily guess the nav is at the top, logo in the top left and maybe a search bar and login option top right corner. Now this may be confused with conventions, but they also help answer some of the questions like a “go-no go” test. If you can identify what the site is, does, offers and why they are better. This is no different then the view of a shop. If you cant tell by the name or tagline what the store offers, would you go in? Probably not, it could be a complete waste of time. And on the internet, where there is everything, that is something you or your client cannot afford. When it comes down to “table time”, a phrase I am going to use / make up to refer to talking to the person paying you, it is important to understand these conventions and theories behind them not only to sound educated but to give your client a better, more profitable / user friendly site, without overloading customers or turn new ones away with poor design.

Ads Suck

Is the Homepage Important?

This article above is interesting, throwing away the idea of the homepage is the most important thing for your website. Instead, you should design the elements that convey what the site is, does and offers on most pages. It sounds like a lot, but the website you are currently using probably has all of that on the screen already, you just haven’t noticed it, yet.

Your potential new client…


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