Unit 2 Reading Response

“More Steve Krug!”

Chapter three of this book gave a lot of basic information people tend to forget about. I often hear the phrase “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” and it was perfectly illustrated in this book. There are so many things we have come to expect as users that we as designers forget to design for a user. If the wheel must be used, you can totally pimp your ride, or customize the conventions that you are using. Hierarchy was also highlighted. The separation of important information and the grouping of like elements have become something we as users demand, and if we don’t get it within a few clicks, next website up! There was a lot about keeping things at a scan-able level and easy to recognize and use. Limiting the amount of noise you display on the page keeps a user comfortable and makes things easier to digest. Think about information consumption, while the user is scanning the website, try and make everything as consumable as possible.

Clicking to figure out a website isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be, and then again, if I can’t get to the content I want i say ffff it, hit the back button (most commonly used button I hear) and scroll to the next article that peaks my interest. With so much content out there, it doesn’t hurt to have it labeled or organized in a way where people can mindlessly figure it out, because that is what we like!

Too impatient?

Hierarchy and You

Avoid these at all costs

my concept statement

Trying to figure out what to do in this world can be pretty difficult but if it makes you happy I think you are on to a pretty good start. After spending a lengthy amount of time trying to find his way, dominic capcino finally found something that can make him happy and keep him from eating his arm.
Currently enrolled in the Art Institute of Seattle, he looks forward to each class and all of the associated doodles and designs that come with the classes, required or not. His eagerness to learn about anything and everything makes this guy just the person youlll need for a creative mind.

Jesse Willmon

Oh boy. Here is a site that i think does a few things well. It doesn’t go too much outside of the boundaries as far as page layout, but it looks like it is all drawn on the screen! I think this is a wonderful way to incorporate a personal style into a portfolio, and it definitely appeals to a certain audience. Most of the navigation is simple enough to click through, with the average user being quite capable of navigating around the site. A lot of the projects are presented in the standard picture in shape display, with about 5 pictures of work for each project. I don’t think this site has too many detractors, other than the fact that it may not be as professional as some people or clients would like.

Jesse W 1
landing page
JW 2
project layout
Jesse W 3
project details

Elliot Lepers

Elliot Lepers is a French designer that deals mostly in web design. When I first visited the website, i went through it not know any french. After going through most of it, i still didnt know any french, but it was amazingly easy to navigate the website, even with a side scrolling main feature. The showcase of projects is nice with a hover over option of naming the project an placing an opaque screen over the picture. There are links to the projects on each page with almost no pictures. This could be good or bad, depending on if the person perusing the site is willing enough to go to another website. Overall, the text is easy to digest and everything seems like it was crafted with care.

Elliot L 1
landing page
Elliot L 2
project details
Elliot L 3
far right details


Another foreign designer! Gummisig is a Icelandic designer that is trying to make the web look pretty. I like this website because it takes elements of what i would like my site to look like, although i do not agree with all of the choices made by this designer for the website. I feel like some of the text, although legible, is not readable and can be related to a tennis match. The overall mood of this website is young and vibrant with a little edge to it. One thing i really like is the amount of pictures that show of the designers work. When someone is looking at your work without you being there, i feel pictures are almost a necessary item.

landing page
landing page
Gummisig 2
project layout
Gummisig 3

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