Week 7 Prelim Crit

My peerz this week included…

Natalya : The shoe seems like it is floating, needs to be grounded.

Dave : Vans tends to keep their site minimal, so try to stick to that theme.

Virginita : PDF on one board, find a separation for the colorways / color options.

Feedback was very good today!

A little more detail in the shoe was necessary, like the stitching and the shoelace change in color. Scott suggested a pattern or brush stroke for the laces, eliminating the need to use the pencil tool for every single damn stitch. (thank you baby jesus)

Indication or prompting to help the user recognize the features of the PDF was brought up through all of the peer reviews, and for mine, the solution was to create a small icon or dot over the shoe features ( duracap, waflecup, ultracush) to give the user a prompt to click on or at least hover over.

Building the rest of the case study also is paramount, as well as recognizing the client in it. Very important!


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