P2 Project research and sketches

So for this project, i was thinking a lot about what exactly to create this interactive pdf on, and with my previous post, I was not in love with anything i chose. So after serious thought and contemplation, I looked to my shoes for the answer. As a skateboarder, I use vans shoes mostly, and they have so many features for each shoe, specifically pro shoes. A way to help illustrate this, would be an awesome interactive pdf!!!!

Project Statement

Background: Illustrate a Vans shoe and have it available to skateboarders so they know what exactly is keeping their feet comfy and shielded from the nasty grip tape

Target Audience: Any buyer of a vans shoe that skateboards or is interested in the shoe

Objective: Educate wearers on the shoe that keeps their feet safe and flip tricks tight.

Obstacles: Keeping the content original while using the logos Vans has for their shoe features

Key Benefit: Tell skaters that Vans wants you to know how they make their hoe, and this can create a personal bond between company and customer.

Creative Consideration: Could be used for all Pro shoe debuts

Media: AI

Tone: A little gritty and fun

This link to a pdf has some preliminary sketches and ides to illustrate the interactive file. vans

Some of the sites i used….




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