Week 4 Preliminary Critique

Feedback from my editorial illustration was very beneficial. My group members consisted of Jessica, Zenoc, and Damien. The general consensus for the illustration was that it needed a few more images that helped bring the point across. A few suggestions that would help illustrate the point of contaminated fish being sold:

1. I could make the fish appear a little more sickly and less “fresh”.

2. Exaggerating the “X” on the fish eye could help convey that the fish are dead.

3. A small sign that has a hazardous logo / icon or placing that on the eye as well.

4. An obvious presence of oil will also be needed to drive the point of contaminated fish home.

Overall, I liked all of the feed back and will use it to my advantage. I also was learned on the symbol tool and all of its functions by the great Mr. Shmansfield. I shall no longer have the live traced ice in my illustration!


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