P1 Editorial Project Research






These are the editorials I chose to read and begin designing an illustration for one of them. The third one already has a vector illustration, but to me, i do not see the relationship between the image and the overall message of the article. The first two are vastly different, one concerning real-world issues with arctic drilling and the other in its own little world of sports about a potential future football stars position in the annual NFL draft. The last two are from the LA times. The Boston Bomber read already has my attention and has generated the most creative thought about an illustration. The very last one is about traffic tickets and it negatively affecting the people receiving them.

After reading all of the articles thoroughly, the Shell Drilling article is the editorial I chose for the Illustration project.

Topic: The potential for oil spills not only in the Seattle sound, but in the arctic as well.

Subjects: Shell Oil Company, Port of Seattle, Oceanic Wildlife, Oil Leak / Spills, Noble Discoverer, Polar Pioneer

Location: Port of Seattle

The article brings to light a few important topics to think about when some of the vessels schedule to drill for oil make the Port of Seattle their home base. Pollution of the surrounding sound waters and its wildlife and Seattle becoming a stepping stone for arctic drilling are the two most driving points. The Noble Discoverers history of pollution and fines is another topic, seeing as this ship will be docked at Terminal 5 soon.


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