Week 1 Questionnaire

This is the first post for Digital Illustration, a course i currently am taking with Scott Mansfield. This class seems like it should be very informative and really boost my illustrator chops when it comes to using the comp-u-tator.

Currently I am in my 3rd quarter of study for a bachelors in Graphic and Web design.

I have been drawing for most of my life as a student, beginning with doodles and graffiti and only up until recently have i been experimenting with mediums like charcoal and acrylics. I love to create and taking my creations to the digital world will be able to take me to the next level as far as marketing myself as an illustrator. I have taken observational drawing and analysis of form in this school as of date. I am also certified to screen print on my own at the school.

I have used a little bit of everything, and I am not opposed to learning or looking up new programs. Illustrator has been interesting, as I create mostly with my track pad, which creates a different set of issues for myself.

As far as my favorite movie is concerned, I will list my top five.

1. Jurassic Park

2. Jaws

3. Star Wars

4. Se7en

5. The Godfather I

This list will change at some point, and I ask that I am not judged to severely for my choices.


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