The Presentation

We presented our branding concept for an emergency hangover kit. We grouped up about an hour before class to make sure we knew when everyone had to speak about their part in the pitch. The file was loaded onto a drive about 10 minutes before the start of class, but we all felt very confident about it looking good. Our group met up outside of class a few times to make sure we had a well thought out plan and had everyone doing their part. It helped our group out actually fleshing out a new idea for an emergency kit directed towards a specific market.

Some of the comments about our presentation.


Some text was very small and there was too much in general white made it laborious to read and be interested in. The body font choice of Futura was also a problem, its legibility and readability was not necessarily terrible, but there are far better options that read a little better and would have been consistent with the brand. Color choices went over well, as well as the whole consistency of the brand. It was evident to our guest speakers that we were obviously prepared to speak about our brand and our respective parts, but it is wise and very helpful to be able to speak clearly about each parts of your brand’s presentation. I can really understand that, as evident with a group with two no shows. Their presentation still went on, but not without a few wrinkles and bumps. Preventable of course, by knowing the pitch inside and out. You gain the knowledge of every part of what makes a brand work together, and that is experience.

As for the logo, which was my responsibility, took some criticism.

The spacing between the plus signs and the letters was a little loose. This is easily fixed, but needs to be fixed before someone important notices it. There was also the suggestion of changing the colors of the plus signs to compliment the package content differences, keeping the sleek black look of the box. The name was also a very good choice, as it really spoke to the generation our of our target consumer. I wanted to make a few colors interchangeable with the glow, but I did not find the right ones in time for the presentation, completely a fault of my own.


CtrlAltDel3 <— this link will take you to the wonderful changes made to the logo, and an updated body copy. Futura Medium was a little more spaced out and also helps maintain the original concept.

This little motivational poster brings up a very good point in a weird way I am about to explain. Procrastination is one of the most fun things to do until the time to procrastinate is over and now you need to use the next 5 hours to finish your final. Why is it so fun? Why do we all do it? I find that most times there are many distractions in life that can easily be used as a reasonable excuse to put something off. Recently I have been locking myself in a room and not turning on the T.V.

“turn your back to the room”

This little quote i remember reading somewhere at some point helps me focus on the task at hand. When it comes down to school or your work, eliminating distractions helps you focus on what you need to accomplish. You will soon find out that feeling you get when you nail a pitch for a new brand in front of  someone way more important than you is way better than watching another rerun on T.V. or watching the latest vine compilation on youtube.


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