Going Viral

Viral marketing is something I normally tried to avoid, except for the few memorable sites I have visited for more movie information, most notably Apollo 13 and The Fourth Kind. I assume there were and are more out there but I have never been too connected with all of it, or I have and i just didn’t know it.

wpid-11837275.jpgMemes were brought up in today’s discussion in class, and I can understand that pretty well. In a generation where the internet is being used by everyone at almost all age ranges, it is important to be able to reach these kids.wpid-5352970357_0c14a74b63_z.jpg

Viral campaigning has the ability to reach all types of demographics through an internet sensation, such as the T-Mobile flash mob campaigns, Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, and the promotion surrounding the Cloverfield movie. These can work really well, or they can be total busts. For it to work, you need to hit a list of certain items in order to achieve success, like any project, but there is something else that really stands out.

During the discussion with tonymyteacher and the class about Jack-in-the-Box’s (JITB) New Jack, the subject of being personable came up. Social Media is like a shared personal space. The user invites / accepts people in their group where they are free to share their personal beliefs and views. When JITB introduced the new Jack, he was an instant hit. But then they flooded the followers news feed with promotions for JITB and it turned people off. People loved Jack for simply being Jack, and that is promotion enough for the fast food chain.

It is important to be able to connect with an audience on that kind of level because it generates an emotion (hopefully positive) that consumers would remember and not just tune out, like many of the other posts you scroll past on your feeds.

Layout design was also cover briefly. A recurring theme in design is the use of this so-called “grid”.


Above is a picture of a grid. Theres no doubt in my mind that you would have seen some rendition of this if you are in graphic design. I have been using my pretty good “eye” bestowed upon me by my fathers genes to eye up layouts for a while now, but this thing makes everything so much easier. Out of all of the things you can learn in graphic design, this one is pretty important. Even if you are the worst artist ever, this tool is essential to creating appealing layouts that are easy on the eyes and easy for readers to comprehend. This is like the difference between measuring 10 feet with a measuring tape and 10 feet with your feet. Although the latter could be pretty close, the first will give you an exact measurement with no guess work.


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